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Daily Bloop Single

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It's been a while since there was an old timey fill-in-the-blank trivia contest `round these parts. About three years ago, I used quotes from the 2001 STATS, Inc. Scouting Notebook to fashion such a contest. This time around, I'm digging deep for the...uh...lessee...2002 STATS, Inc. Scouting Notebook, which can be yours from Amazon for twenty cents plus shipping.

And "contest" insinuates that there will be a prize. So...uh...lessee...the winner will receive an autographed Jeff Juden rookie card. It's autographed by me instead of Juden, but I think we can all agree that raises the value of the card.

I'm not above sneaky and downright misleading questions, nor am I above using a player whom you haven't thought of since November of 2002, so feel free to look at the 2001 and 2002 rosters while you vie for the magnificent prize:

  1. ____ may not possess the athleticism of a Pokey Reese, but he is handy enough to fill in at first base when the Giants need help there.
  2. If ____ could hit nearly as well as he plays center field, San Francisco might have another All-Star in its lineup.
  3. Once a sneaky basestealer, ____ has become a station-to-station runner.
  4. ____ will mix in an occasional curve or changeup, but neither really plays an integral role in his plan.
  5. Middle relievers of ____ ilk are almost interchangeable, as harsh as that may sound.
  6. The Giants acquired ____ for the (2001) stretch run, but he didn't provide relief.
  7. The Giants were thrilled when ____ exercised his $1.15 million player option for 2002.... ____ continues to prove his value not only on the field, but also in the clubhouse.
  8. ____'s approach consists of anticipating the fastball and adjusting to offspeed stuff, and his manager was impressed enough to place him in the cleanup spot for most of the final month.
  9. One scout theorized that some umpires are so bamboozled by ____'s unique break that they're too stunned to call strikes.
  10. ____ has shown one sign of age; he's considered to have a "slider-speed" bat, partly explaining his low home run total and his second-half fade.
Pencils down.