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The latest Phil Rogers column is just poppin' with rumors. That second "p" isn't a typo. Shame on you.

Of course, any Giants-related rumor is an awful rumor at this point. For example:

Put San Francisco on the list of Joe Crede options, but most teams with interest want to see how Crede's surgically repaired back holds up in spring training.
Would I want Joe Crede for Steve Kline or Dave Roberts? Yes. Yes, I would. Would I want Joe Crede in exchange for anyone under the age of 30? No. No, I wouldn't. It's a pretty simple looking decision tree. Still, I'm terrified that Crede would cost the Giants their Lowry or Sanchez chip.

The article also mentions that Nick Johnson is healthy again, which, for Johnson, means that only 810 of his 850 muscles are currently pulled. Johnson is owed $11M for the next two years, or $500,000 per at-bat. As such, the Nationals shouldn't expect much in return. His last active season, though, was a monster: .290/.428/.520 in a pitcher's park. He even reached 500 at-bats.

No time for even my half-assed analysis today, so I'll just let these points dangle in an Open God No Not Crede Thread and an Open Hmmm Maybe for the Right Price Nick Johnson Thread.