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Open Gameday Thread, 9/8

It's easy to nitpick the young players the Giants do have -- Ortmeier can't hit righties, Schierholtz doesn't walk, Wilson walks too many, blah blah blah -- but that kind of misses the point. Last night, it was easy to imagine a new era of the Dodgers/Giants rivalry. Schierholtz showing off his strength with a broken-bat triple; Wilson shutting down the 8th; Sanchez showing a nice fastball, change, and slider; Loney tying the game in the ninth only to have Ortmeier win it.... It was the best game of the year, and it was easy to imagine the same names doing it all in 2011.

That's not a totally realistic train of thought. It would take a lot of luck for the Giants to wring an average lineup out of their current batch of rookies. But that long-term thinking doesn't really matter from night to night. What matters is that the Giants finally gave us a game to replay and revisit from 2007, and there were a bunch of youngsters involved. We can quibble about their ceilings and flaws later.

Beat L.A.