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#2 Pencils, Please

Question 1:

Kevin Correia and Jonathan Sanchez both finish the season with strong showings in the Giants' rotation. Both of them struggle with control at times, but they set themselves up to contend for a starting job in the spring.

Spring training comes, and there is only one open spot. Both pitchers pitch well enough to win the spot. What do you do?:

a. Give the spot to Sanchez, as his ceiling is higher than Correia's.

b. Give the spot to Correia, as you think he'll make a better starter or Sanchez will make a better reliever.

c. Disregard the question: Lowry isn't going to be here.

d. Disregard the question: Sanchez isn't going to be here.

e. Disregard the question: Correia isn't going to be here

f. Disregard the question: Between now and April, someone's going to get hurt.

g. Disregard the question: Someone will pitch themselves out the race.

Question 2:

It's the offseason, and you're talking with an American League team deep in prospects. They're looking for a starting pitching upgrade, and they have interest in both Correia and Sanchez. They aren't interested in Lowry. For Correia, they offer you a young player who has some talent and could contend for a starting infield job in 2008, but whose ceiling is definitely limited. For Sanchez, they offer you a young player who has a higher ceiling, but is farther away from the majors. The scouts like him more, but he would be more of a long-term solution. What do you do?

a. Trade Sanchez

b. Trade Correia

c. Keep both

There aren't any right answers; I'm just excited that Correia is pitching well and opening up some possibilities that might not have been there in July.