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Open Game Thread, 9/24

Bad: The Diamondbacks are probably going to fluke their way into an NL West title.

Good: That means we can root for the Giants to spoil the Padres' playoff hopes without tacitly rooting for the Diamondbacks.

Great: This LA Times article is just fantastic. For example:

But "historically teams with a lot of young players don't win championships right away," Lowe said. "That's something everyone around here is going to want to know -- are we going to be playing young players so that they can have the time to develop and really be good in two years?

"What about next season? I'm going to be 35 . . . that's a little unsettling for some guys who are under contract here. Do they already know the team they're going to field is not going to be competitive next year?"

That's Derek Lowe talking about the Dodgers' youth movement, and it brings a tear of joy to my eye.

Of course, that's now Derek "Future Asst. G.M. for the Giants" Lowe, you realize.