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Couple of quick links.

  • Buried in comments section for the last linkorama was a link to discussion about the pitching mechanics of our Can-Am signing, Steve Palazzolo. As others have noted, it's a long shot that this will ever make an impact on the big-league roster, but Palazzolo is a 6'-10" reliever who can hit the mid-90s, and who is committed to improving his mechanics. That's about as interesting as an independent league signing can get.
  • Also, the Giants lost to the Reds. Apparently, the Giants can't hit. More on this story as information comes available.
  • The next time I feel the urge to rip on Bruce Bochy, I'll remember that he shut down Tim Lincecum because of workload concerns. It seems like an obvious thing to do, but you just know that a whole bunch of organizations are asking, "How the hell is he supposed to learn how to be a workhorse if he's coddled like an infant?" While I'm not a century-mark fascist, I do believe every pitcher's arm has a finite amount of pitches in it. There's just no way this is a bad move.
  • And, just because this never gets old, here's an article of Lincecum envy. Heh.