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Open Gameday Thread, 9/2

"Sure, we'd like to get them some playing time to show their skills," Bochy said when asked if younger players will get more time in September. But he added, "We still have some goals here. We want to finish strong and, it may be a little lofty, but getting to .500. Crazier things have happened as far as making some noise this late."

The Giants are 62-74. To be .500, they must finish 19-7.

*rubs eyes*

*blinks a couple of times*

*opens mouth to say something*

*thinks better of it*

You have to be kidding me. I never thought about what it would be like to have a manager who was completely focused on the short term. It kind of stinks. He's managing this lineup as if he's retiring after the season.

Also, every year Tom Tango compiles a fan-based defensive scouting report for every team in baseball. He needs people/nerds like us to fill in our own subjective scouting report. Go, and give Pedro his moment in the sun. For all of the grief the man gets around these parts, he is one of the better fielding third basemen I've seen in a long time.