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Adventures of Link

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  • John Sickels wrote a short piece about Nate Schierholtz here. If you can wade through the resulting flame war, there are some interesting comments too. A name that was thrown out as a possible best-case comp: Garret Anderson. I think we'd all take that.
  • The Sporting News has some fantasy picks for 2008, and not only do they drop a Brian Wilson reference, they go waaaaay deep for an Andrew D'Alessio namedrop. I dunno. If you can barely hit .300 with an aluminum bat in college, it's going to take more than 200 minor league at-bats against younger competition to suddenly be a prospect. He'll be one of the more interesting names to watch next year, but I keep thinking about how excited a lot of us were about Sean McGowan. It's apples and apple-flavored oranges, but I'm only comparing their unexpected success after the draft. I've never seen either one swing a bat.
  • The Giants bought two player contracts from the Canadian-American League: Omar Rosario, a 27-year-old shortstop who hit .362/.406/.550, and 6'-10" reliever Steve Palazzolo, who struck out 63 in 54 innings. I'm interested in the tall dude, as he actually had some Rookie League success last year before his maple syrup cravings took his career in a different direction.
  • eBay item of the week: A simple t-shirt. The starting bid is $9.97. I entered $.05, but apparently the idea is that the price is supposed to increase with subsequent bids. Imagine that.