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Open Gameday Thread, 8/5

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The good: I'd rather pay Pat Misch $60M over seven years than $120M to Barry Zito for the same time. Wait, that's not a good thing. Misch's performance was, though. You can give the edge to any of the Giants' prospects on velocity; I'll take Misch on control.

The bad: Like, the loss and stuff. The Giants have been Johnny Walkoffseeds this season, spreading walk-off mirth to other teams throughout the baseball universe.

The ugly: Randy Johnson. Also, the fact that I recorded an Austin City Limits with Guided by Voices, and the recording was corrupted somehow. I waited all night to watch that, damnit.

The historical: Congrats to Bonds. I'm sure he'll sit today, and he'll come back to San Francisco needing just one homer to break it. This also means that Goofus is going to sell his tickets for Tuesday at a profit, and then disappear from the site. It's a fair trade, I suppose.

EDIT: It looks like Bonds has reached base more than anyone in the history of the game. By my calculations -- on which I didn't spend more than 20 seconds -- he might have passed Ty Cobb a couple of weeks ago. Why didn't I know about this earlier?