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Open Gameday Thread, 8/29

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This gameday thread is designed to not bring up winning streaks, as that would be bad luck. So for the duration of this gameday thread introduction, there will not be a mention of, say, a six-game winning streak, or 11 wins in their last 13 games. The issue will not be confronted directly, though there is a chance that the good fortune of the Giants will be alluded to in an almost imperceptible fashion. There will only be revelry directed toward the Rockies' slide, and an expression of hope that the Giants really won't finish in last place. It's possible if you squint.

Most people remember the movie Alive for the whole cannibalism thing. And, yeah, digging out frozen hunks of friend flesh with a piece of broken glass is something that sticks in your mind. It isn't the scene that comes up when you flip on the Analogotron 3500 and type in the details of this stretch of good baseball, though. The scene that came up in that magnificent piece of NORAD-sponsored technology is the scene in which the victims come upon the debris of their plane. Someone finds a suitcase, rips it open, and squirts half of a bottle of toothpaste in his mouth.

He hadn't tasted anything but human flesh in a month, see. And he was in the middle of a snowy mountain range, surrounded by wreckage from his own plane. Things weren't looking so hot. But the toothpaste tasted so good. Incredible, minty flavor explosions; hidden gelatin undertones; wonderful chalky finish. Nom nom nom. Yet he was still in the middle of the Andes, half-frozen to death, and surrounded by bodies and wreckage.

But just try and take that toothpaste away from him.

©2007, Analogotron 3500