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Open Gameday Thread, 8/20

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(If history is any indicator, the early east coast start time is probably going to throw Grant off and he'll forget to open today's thread. If not, he's certainly welcome to delete this one.)

Big game today! You're probably saying, "But Goofus, with their win yesterday, the Giants secured their first winning road trip of the seaon. Anything else would be gravy." Well listen up, you wise-asses. A victory this morning would:

  • Even Russ's' record to 3-3

  • Be the first ever four-game sweep of the Marlins (according to Schulman)
With this now clearly established as a "big game", the question now becomes, "How will Bochy find away to get the all power bats (Frandsen & Durham) back in the lineup?"

One other thought, the announcers have been referring to this Friday-Saturday-Sunday-Monday series as a "wrap-around". I think think they ought to spice things up and call it a "reach-around".