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Open Gamesday Thread, 8/13

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I'm on vacation right now, enjoying the sights of the Central California coast and trying my best not to think about the Giants. It's hard. This morning, I was in Hearst Castle, and the tour guide led us to the famous indoor pool. Because most folks in the '20s, '30s, and '40s weren't great swimmers, the indoor pool was hardly used at all. It was 10 feet deep throughout, which was much too daunting for a society unaccustomed to the idea of recreational swimming. Hearst intended it to be one of the main focal points for his soirees, but it wasn't to be. It cost millions and millions of dollars, yet it was completely impractical and disappointing. On vacation...must not think about the Giants....

My wife and I were walking down the beach. The sun was out, but the cool ocean breeze was a perfect complement to the heat. Gulls were diving into the water, and the mist of the ocean spray was blowing all around us. We went around a sandbar, and came across huge piles of rotting kelp. It smelled like a post-apocalyptic crime scene. On vacation...must not think about the Giants....

So the posts will be sporadic for the coming week. In this brave new world, there are wi-fi access points even in Big Sur. The nerd in me runs deep, but I'm not sure how often I'll be writing until Thursday. If the Giants were in the thick of a pennant race, I'd feel anxious about ditching the site for a few days. But they aren't, and I don't.

Enjoy the game, you self-flagellating fools, you. I mean, you plucky, die-hard fans, you. Enjoy the Giants getting stomped by the Pirates.

Looking forward to the high draft pick, though. So we have that going for us. Which is nice.