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Salomon Torres
Jose Cruz, Jr.
Livan Hernandez
Matt Morris

I hesitate to use the word "choker" -- it isn't like most of those guys were trying to choke -- but those are four players who had a chance to really, really help the San Francisco Giants with a good performance. They couldn't. Morris's situation was a little different, as he spread his ineptitude over several games, but the result was the same.

It's hard to blame Sabean because I'm guessing any Morris offers were of the "okay, you give us $5M and Matt Morris, and we'll give you a 27-year-old AA backup catcher"-variety.

EDIT: Morris was traded to the Pirates for Rajai Davis and a player to be named later. They'd better not be giving a whole bunch of salary back because this guy doesn't seem like he could crack the starting lineup in Fresno. Well, maybe that's not entirely accurate. If his performance in AAA this year is a new standard instead of a fluke, he could be a useful player. Probably not, though....

DOUBLE EDIT: Didn't see that he was a switch hitter with no discernible platoon split. He might be a nice guy to have around if Lewis and Schierholtz are on the same roster. I was never a big Dan Ortmeier fan, so maybe Davis can be the Jason Ellison of the future? Yay?

TRIPLES ALLEY EDIT: According to Henry Schulman of the Chronicle, the Giants are not sending money back in the deal. Awesome. Thanks to Skaldheim/Jefferson for the heads up.