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Link happy....

  • I didn't see this until now, but Scott Ostler has a nice piece about Jim Palmer's impressions of Tim Lincecum. Here's a sample:
    He's terrible. No control, and no fastball to speak of. I'd say he's overrated, but that wouldn't be doing the word justice. If he were a movie, he'd be Forrest Gump. If he were a book, he'd be written by Don DeLilo. If he were a rock band, he'd be Sonic Youth. Overrated, overpaid, and over here.

    Wait, those are my views on Barry Zito. Never mind. As you would expect, Palmer loves Lincecum. We all love Lincecum. Hooray for our acessiah!

  • MLB's rumors mentioned the same ol', same ol', but it threw in a new twist into the Morris shenanigans. They bring up the Phillies, but say they are only willing to offer Pat Burrell in a Morris package. I'm not sure how much of an upgrade Burrell would be over Ryan Klesko, or how that would help the Giants in the future. Hopefully, that's just a Phillies pipe dream and not something the Giants would consider. I'd rather try to trade Morris in the offseason than commit to Burrell right now.
  • Memory lane piece on the '87 Giants. That team was the archetype of a franchise crawling out of the abyss. Maybe we'll look up in 2009 and say, "Heck, you know what this team reminds me of?..." A fella can dream.
  • After an offhand mention from Krukow yesterday, I can't stop thinking about how good this defense was. They won four Gold Gloves, so it isn't like that team is history's little secret, but, man alive, what a defense. Stupid Braves.