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The Phils seem less interested daily in struggling Giants righthander Matt Morris, whom manager Charlie Manuel considers less of a sure thing than rookies Kyle Kendrick, 22, and J.D. Durbin, 25....

"I want a good pitcher, to go into the top of the rotation," Manuel said.

The italics were not mine. The quote comes from this article. You know, Charlie, if you try sometime, you just might find you get what you need.

Is there a point of diminishing return that would make you want to keep Morris? I couldn't care less about the $9M next season -- heck, it's a $9M insurance payment against a four-year deal to Kyle Lohse. So at some point, if all you're being offered are Todd Linden-type reclamation projects, do you keep Morris?

Nice pitching, Matty. We're all proud of you down at the station. Great work, really. We didn't need to get prospects back or win those games you pitched. Bang-up job. Favorite Giant.