Update: McC night at the yard 8/7

Here's an update for those interested in our upcoming night at the yard.  As a reminder, it'll be Tuesday 8/7.  

We'll be meeting at Zeke's (3rd & Brannan) for a pre-game cocktail or two, then heading to the game.  The plan is to meet up about 6:00pm. If you're not coming to the game, you're still encouraged to meet up with us at Zeke's.

Sitting in my seats will be Grant, The Mayor of 311, Howtheyscored and myself.

Both Kitspool and the Poe expressed interest in the Mayor's seats.  Not sure if that's settled yet.

Brutesentiment and Merkin are going to be at the game, as well.  I presume they'll be at Zeke's. TK indicated she's be down for cocktails, so instead of being just a bunch of geeky guys, we'll be a bunch of geeky guys and at least one geeky gal.

I've asked Grant to bring a black Sharpie so he can autograph everone's black McC t-shirt.

So who's in?

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