Time for Cain to take a break?

I didn't watch tonight's game, just caught the last few innings on radio. Matt Cain is now 3-12, just a few wins off the pace for the Cy Young that I predicted for him at the beginning of the season. (I'm really, really sorry for that. Nostradamus I am not.)

Does anyone else think it's high time for Cain to skip a start, as much for his mental health as anything else? It may not help his declining peripherals, but it might be exactly what he needs. It just seems to me like if he can salvage something from the rest of the season, have some good starts, finish strong, he'll have some confidence going into 2008. Because otherwise, his promising career could be disintegrating before our eyes, and that depresses me no end.

Consider this a cry from the heart for an Open Matt Cain Optimism Thread.

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