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I'm disgusted with Matt Morris for ruining the only trade deadline in a decade in which the Giants will try to get back young talent.

I'm apathetic about the career home run record, and that's disgusting. It's an oversaturation thing combined with the lousy team results. I wish I could shake it, but I can't.

I'm disgusted that I've had to watch Pedro Feliz play baseball for seven years.

I'm apathetic about the mounting losses. At this point, it's almost comical. Heck, if you're going to stink, make it a legendary stink. Go for 121.

I'm disgusted at just how bad the offense is. Neifi Perez's career line: .267/.297/.375. Number of 2007 Giants over 200 at-bats with a similar line: six. Six! That's over 1600 at-bats of Neifi-quality offense this season.

I'm disgusted that it isn't even August yet.

Open disgusted thread. Open apathy thread. Open whining thread. Open purging thread. Here's a Revulsion-O-Meter in case I was being too vague: