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Open Gameday Thread, 7/19

From the Boston Herald:

While San Francisco has one of the worst records in baseball, it also has a decent nucleus of good young pitchers, including Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain, Barry Zito and Noah Lowry, which means the Giants might be willing to take young positional players in any deal.

One major league source recently said the Giants might be willing to move just about any player on their roster. Among the most likely to go are Matt Morris, Omar Vizquel, Randy Winn and Dave Roberts, all of whom might have some value to the Sox.

For all of the Matt Morris talk, it's just as critical to move one of Winn or Roberts to free up playing time for the kinda-sorta-prospects the Giants do have. It'd surprise me if either one were moved without the Giants eating some salary, but clearing space for Lewis or Schierholtz should be a priority. It's going to take some at-bats to separate the Jay Canizaros from the Bill Muellers, and there is no time like the present. Well, except for two years ago, but now you're just splitting hairs.