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Open Gameday Thread, 7/17

I've never watched Sean Marshall pitch, but I thought I'd do predictive scouting report on him. As in, this is what a scout would report if he only watched Marshall pitch tonight:

Sean Marshall


Marshall will use his fastball, which sits anywhere between 83 and 97 MPH, at any time in an at-bat. He also has a breaking ball that he'll throw when he's ahead in the count. He doesn't issue many walks - most hitters facing Marshall tend to swing at his first or second pitch, and they'll usually pop it up in the infield or ground weakly to the right side - and he's able to pitch into the seventh inning without going over 100 pitches.


Marshall is the best pitcher in baseball today. He has the potential to dominate every time he takes the mound.

Clip that out and save it, as it's good for any pitcher you've never seen before. Shawn Hill? Justin Germano? Chuck James? Identical scouting report. The Giants make our lives less complicated in so many different ways.