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Open Gameday Thread, 7/15

Most of you have probably heard the old tale about Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" and The Wizard of Oz. Supposedly, if you play the album while watching the movie, there are a bunch of coincidences, as if Roger Waters and Dave Gilmour wrote the album as a kind of updated score to the movie. Having "Dark Side of the Rainbow" parties were quite the fad on college campuses for a while.

That all seems like child's play now, as I just discovered that if you put on the radio broadcast of yesterday's Giants game and Midnight Express, it totally syncs up. Forget "Dark Side of the Moon" and Wizard of Oz; watching 2007 Giants radio highlights with Midnight Express is going to be the next rage that sweeps across college campuses. It's like they planned it, man. The similarities are too great to be coincidental.

If you think I'm making this up, ask yourself, "What has it felt like to watch the Giants play baseball this year?" The only possible answer: "Watching Giants baseball this year has felt like being put in a Turkish prison for smuggling hashish, having your sentence extended for no reason, being mercilessly beaten and tortured, and losing all control of your mental faculties to the point that when your girlfriend finally manages to visit you in prison after five years, you're nothing more than a sobbing, pathetic, and mindless lump of sub-human instincts who has nowhere to go but further down into a spiraling descent into soul-grinding madness." That's not opinion; it's empirical fact. You would have given that answer even before I brought up the Midnight Express connection.

Now that I'm pointing out the similarities, you're probably nodding your head and wondering why you didn't see the connection before. Don't let the fact that the movie was produced in 1980 fool you. Oliver Stone is a pretty forward-thinking dude. It's an allegory for the 2007 Giants, I swear it.

The creepiest part: It doesn't just work for yesterday's game. It works for every game. When the Sony logo starts on the Midnight Express DVD, start up the Giants broadcast. You'll know that you timed it correctly if the protagonist's kneecap is smashed with a baton at the same time Dave Flemming is describing how the Giants weren't able to take advantage of runners in scoring position.

You won't be disappointed. It's weird, but it always fits too well to be complete coincidence.

All this talk about the Giants' losing has depressed me. I think I'm going to go watch Midnight Express to try and lift my spirits.