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Open Draft Thread, 2007

It's here. This is the kind of chance that only comes around every decade or so. With six picks in the first 51 selections, the Giants can rebuild the farm system. Will they go with college players? Take some long-term shots at high school players? Go with hitting, pitching, or a combination of the two? The only thing we know is that it would be impossible to completely screw up this many early picks. There's just no way.


Dammit. This isn't a day for reality. This is a day for wishcasting and irrational optimism. Heck, maybe it isn't so irrational. All of the first four picks of the 2002 draft are on the roster, after all. One of these days, a team is going to strike lightning by picking five or six All-Stars, and that team's draft will become something of a legend. Why not the Giants?

Well, technically I know why. Because they're the Giants. If you can't forget all of that on draft day, though, you're incapable of feeling joy.

And that screenshot betrays my fascination with Arturo McDowell. There are first-round busts, and there are first-round kerflooeys. McDowell was most certainly the latter. But if you duct-taped Sammy Serrano to Arturo McDowell's left leg, McDowell could still beat Bengie Molina in a footrace. That has to count for something.


All-Time Team of Great-Named Giants Draftees:

C - Giuseppe Chiaramonte
1B - Turtle Zaun
2B - Van Fixico
3B - James Snoots
SS - Monico Corral
OF - Sylvester Love
OF - Reuben Smiley
OF - Wynter Phoenix

P - Boof Bonser
P - Kavonski Chatman
P - Everhard Griffiths
P - Harlan Highfill
P - Skip Pitlock

Honorable Mention, Uncomfortable Question Regarding Parents' Ethnicity Division: Juan Eichelberger

Odd coincidence from above: There was never a movie titled Draft Busts VII: Past Third Base featuring performers named Sylvester Love, Everhard Griffiths, and Wynter Phoenix. The odds of that not happening had to be astronomical.