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...comment starter.

  1. I hope the Giants come away with _ in the draft.
  2. The Giants will finally get to crowd around the plate after one of their teammates hits a walk-off home run on _ against the _.
Beau Mills for the first one. NAIA college stats are close to useless, but, my word, has he been a dominant hitter.

The second one is a little trickier. Here's a schedule to help you, though they haven't released a 2008 schedule yet. That probably invalidates most of the guesses. I'll say July 29th, against Florida. Yes, it will be against Benitez, but it will also make the front office believe the team is still in contention, which will lead to a prospects-for-crusty-vets disemboweling.

The reign of horror didn't end with the Benitez trade. He can still get us from beyond the grave.

Also, I'm a little tired of watching other teams celebrate at home plate. I really hate the "let's-jump-in-unison-when-he-reaches-home-plate!-Okay-gooooooo-team!" hophophop-thing that's fashionable now, mostly because the Giants aren't the ones doing it.