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Tradin': Ryan Klesko

I could do a Giants/Yankees preview, I guess. Something like:

Game one: Matt Cain pitches eight scoreless innings, but still gets tagged as the losing pitcher. Barry Zito doesn't pitch in the game, but gives up four earned runs.

Game two: Dispiriting loss.

Game three: Dispiriting loss.

I guess I just did do a Giants/Yankees preview. Can the Giants really lose 10 in a row? I'd like to think they can take one of these games. I'd like to think a lot of things.

So on to the Pulitzer-nominated series, Tradin'. Today's chit is Ryan Klesko.

Who'd want him:

A team with a bust at first or left, DH-less AL teams, or teams looking for bench depth.

Which means...:

Yankees and Braves for 1B Klesko, and just about every team for bench-depth Klesko. That latter group wouldn't give more than a token minor leaguer, so the best bet would be to hope for the Yankees and Braves to bid against each other. That just might a world with no other available first basemen. The Yankees will go after Mark Teixeira with the fire of a thousand suns. The Braves might like a Klesko reunion, but not if they could get Scott Hatteberg for less.

What the Giants could expect in return:

The best case scenario would be the equivalent of another team's Fred Lewis -- an older player without much prospect sheen left -- who turns out to be a useful player. Neither the Yankees nor the Braves have anyone like that. In fact, the only thing either organization might be willing to give up would be a semi-interesting minor league arm. Yay? Here are the organizational depth charts for the Braves and Yankees. See if there's anyone that piques your interest.

It's starting to seem like the Great Fire Sale of '07 just might not get the Giants to the World Series in '08. Imagine that.