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Open Gameday Thread, 6/20

When the Giants drafted Lincecum, it was clear he had a fantastic arm: PAC-10 strikeout record, absurdly high strikeout-per-nine-inning rate, drooling scouts, etc.... But I distinctly remember thinking, "Well, great. Even if he becomes the greatest pitcher ever, he'll still be a typical Giants prospect without any control for the first couple of years." The rise to the majors made me forget that. He was going to be the one true prospect to smite the rest. After the Phillies game, Lincecum was doin' some sweet smitin'. He kept his walks down. He was making All-Stars buckle at the knees and swing late. He had arrived.

Now it's clear that, like every other Giants pitching prospect since Flapjacks McGurty in '13, he's going to frustrate the hell out of us with his walks, at least in the beginning of his career. It's a little short-sighted to pretend this is a Giants-specific affliction. It's a young pitcher's affliction. Lincecum will get over it. I just thought, dang, finally, a young pitcher that isn't going to get behind every hitter and walk four every game.

So it goes.

Number of consecutive poor Lincecum starts remaining until an official freakout is warranted: Two.