A game to distract us from staring at the abyss

...actually this may be an exercise to help us all embrace the abyss but anyway I thought it would be fun for everyone interested to list who (if sabean ever stops sitting on his hands) will be traded, to where and for who.

I'll get it going:

  1. Pedro Feliz & Jack Taschner - Phillies - 3B Prospect Mike Costanzo
  2. Matt Morris - Indians - 3B Andy Marte & C Kelly Shoppach
  3. Ray Durham (DH) - Twins - RP Pat Neshek
  4. Ryan Klesko (DH) - Yankees - 1B prospect Eric Duncan
  5. Randy Winn - Angels - 1B Kendry Morales
  1. P. Feliz would be a nice improvement over Helms's bat and Dobb's glove at 3B. The Phillies have snuck back into the race and Feliz's numbers would get a nice bump playing 1/2 his games at Citezen's Bank Park. Taschner would give them a nice arm in a spotty bullpen and a 2nd lefty out of the bullpen
  2. The Indians are hard-up for starting pitching with the injury to Jake Westbrook and Cliff Lee really struggling. There a great team now and with the addition of Morris's savy they could be playoff favorites.
  3. The Twins have screwed us in the past but now it may be our turn to get a bit of redemption. The twins NEED another bat and have Cirillo and Tyner taking turns at DH. Durham would be a major improvement, so much so that they might just be desperate enough to part with Neshek, one of their most reliable relievers.
  4. Klesko won't fetch that much out on the market but the yankees have had a major resurgence and with the brutal injury to Doug Meinkewietz and Giambi in all likely hood facing a suspension or something along those lines, Klesko would be a good fit at 1B/DH. Duncan isn't too much to ask, he was once a highly touted prospect but has fallen down the list in the last year or so.
  5. It was difficult finding a suitor for Randy Winn but he's having a nice year and could be a good fit in Anaheim, It would allow the Angels to DH Guerrero pretty much full time and keep him healthy. Winn would hopefully wave his no trade clause to join a contender thats still on the west coast. Morales is struggling this year but I think he's still considered a good player.

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