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Open Gameday Thread, 6/16

When people make fun of Barry Zito, they'll refer to him as "Kirk Rueter with a curveball." That never rang true to me, as Zito has the potential to dominate a game. When Rueter was successful, it wasn't because he was doing anything different; he'd just run into a team that was too aggressive or unwilling to take pitches to the opposite field.

When Zito's successful, it's because he has control for that particular game, and it's making hitters uncomfortable. If you're looking for a big curve, you can't worry too much about a fastball right on the inside corner of the strike zone. If Zito can place that fastball there, he can tear the other team apart.

So, no, Kirk Rueter isn't a good comparison when you want to rip on Barry Zito. The correct answer is Shawn Estes. Ol' 55. The Giants have signed Shawn Estes to a 13,031-year contract. It's going to be a hell of a toboggan ride.