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Open Gameday Thread, 6/16

Interleague play: Fer it or aginn' it?

I'm fer it.

I'm a bit of a baseball purist. For example, if pitchers were allowed to throw eight balls before walking a batter, the Giants might be in first place. Why did they mess with that rule in the 1800s? I blame Teapot Dome shenanigans.

The DH is bad. Bullpen specialization is silly. A return to unbalanced schedules was overdue.

But I don't have time to watch as much baseball as I'd like. I'd love to sit down and watch two games a day. I'd love to know off the top of my head what James Shields throws or how Ian Kinsler handles outside pitches. It's just not possible.

So I look forward to Red Sox/Giants games or Blue Jays/Giants games. It's much more exciting than a stray Rockies or Reds series. It's our only chance to see just how bad Giants hitting can be against a knuckleballer or Jeremy Accardo.

Interleague play: Fer it, or aginn' it.