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Over the Giants' past three games, they're playing .667 ball. A team playing that well over the course of a season would win about 108 games. Ergo post prompter hoc ad quorum: The Giants are now a 108-win quality team. It was a long slog to get to this new, 108-win team. They didn't play so well in the beginning of the season, so now they're only on pace for 95 wins. That could do it.

Why am I looking at the past three games instead of just the last two wins? C'mon, now. I'm not going to ridiculously cherry-pick just two games to get my fantasyland winning percentage. Three games made sense, though.

No, I don't actually believe that, but those last two wins were exciting enough to get a little silly.

Today's a good day to honor the bullpen. Brad Hennessey came in to protect a one-run lead for the first time, and he escaped. After battling Troy Glaus for a few pitches, Hennessey ripped off one of those nasty sliders that he never, ever, ever, never, ever, never threw as a starter, and it broke Glaus down.

You could see the confidence grow in Hennessey with the very next pitch; a sinker at 94 MPH that moved back over the outside part of the plate to Aaron Hill. It was a pitch that said, "I'm a closer, sucker. Did you just see me take out Troy Glaus? Broke him down like a cardboard box." I loved that first pitch and the body language that went with it. Then, of course, the next slider stopped breaking about two feet from Hennessey's right arm. I have no idea how the ball stayed in Randy Winn's reach, and I'm sure Aaron Hill doesn't, either. It just might have been a home run if Bengie Molina were playing left.

That's alright. It wasn't time for the "I'm a closer, sucker"-Hennessey yet. He's still a closer-in-training pup. But his control, sinker, and filth-slider make me glad he wasn't traded and glad that he was finally put in short-relief.

Comment starter: Here be to praise the reliever of your choice. For all of the tired AARP jokes still floating around, the Giants really do have a young and interesting bullpen.