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Open Gameday Thread, 5/5

Lance Niekro, we hardly knew ye. Except for those 500 or so at-bats, that is. There was once a time when the Giants didn't have too many prospects -- it's true, I swear it! -- and the Giants drafted Niekro in the 2nd round. He hit .362/.404/.551 in Salem-Keizer after he was drafted, and he was the new golden boy.

If a Giants hitting prospect shows even a sliver of promise, he becomes over-hyped by default. Then he fizzles at a couple of different stops before becoming a non-prospect. Then he hits really, really well in AAA, which makes you think he might actually be a good player. And then he rips your heart out again and again and again. So it was for Niekro. We hardly knew ye, but, really, we knew ye enough to totally understand this decision and be more than fine with him.

Also, he'll probably clear waivers and be right back in Fresno. Try the raisins; they say they're delicious.