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Glenallen Hill is now the first base coach for the Rockies. What I knew about Glenallen Hill the person, I liked. His defense was legendarily bad, and his swing could make Todd Linden's swing seem like Tony Gwynn's. But he was still likable. This was the best part of the article, though:

Hill's duties include coordinating baserunning and working with the outfield.
Remember last night's game, when Brad Hawpe slipped, fell on his butt, and still made the catch? You aren't born with that sort of thing, you have to be taught.

Having Glenallen Hill work with outfielders is perfect. It's like a living Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook for a coach. When you want to know how to catch a ball with your cleat because your mitt is caught in barbed wire, are you going to ask Willie Mays? No way. Mays was never in that situation. Glenallen Hill was.

One second you're playing right field, the next second your pants are filled with $700 worth of nickels. The ball is hit your way, and it's sinking fast. Do you think talking with Andy Van Slyke could have prepared you for that moment? Nope, but Glenallen Hill had that happen four different times in one homestand.

Open random ex-Giant thread!

Trenidad Hubbard.