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Open Gameday Thread, 5/26

Reason #1 why Benitez should be traded: Because he gets booed silly after a game like last night. Yeah, he left a fat pitch up to Matsui, and he should have paid more attention to the baserunners, but the Rockies scored two runs on a whole lot of nothing. That's kind of how baseball works at times. The boos led to Armando throwing a pity party for himself. Pity parties aren't good for a closer with fragile confidence.

We're on a slippery slope to hell. The fans will never accept Armando Benitez; Armando Benitez needs acceptance. The Giants can't really afford to lose Armando the Theory, which is the imperfect-but-mostly-effective reliever he's been for the first two months. They aren't going to miss Armando the Imploder, which is what they'll get if he keeps getting booed after tough-luck blown saves.

Trade him.