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Trivia Time

One of the perks of the luxury box - other than the stuffed grape leaves, personal man-servants, and supermodel waitresses dressed in Princess-Leia-on-Jabba's-barge outfits - was access to the Giants' media notes.

So this is the first round of Preconceived Notions trivia. Unless you're some sort of savant, you'll only have an educated guess for most of these questions. Some are obvious answers, and some are counterintuitive. The winner will receive a Free Wikipedia Entry gift certificate good for a whole year!

  1. Rich Aurilia needs six hits to be _ on the all-time San Francisco Giants hit list.
  2. Since joining the Giants, Vinnie Chulk has been unscored upon in _ of 47 outings.
  3. _ is the reliever who has retired the highest percentage of the first batters he's faced: 16 of 18
  4. _ and _ are tied for the most multi-RBI games for the Giants this season.
  5. _ has the most multi-hit games for the Giants this season.
  6. Of the pitchers currently in the starting rotation, _ is the only one who has allowed more hits than innings pitched at Mays Field (AT&T Park, for the uninitiated....)
  7. The Giants have outscored their opponents in _ of nine innings this season
  8. _ has the longest scoreless innings streak by a starter this season.
  9. _ has the longest scoreless innings streak by a reliever this season.
  10. _ has stranded the highest percentage of inherited runners this season.
Bonus Question:

Hunter Pence reminds you of _.

1. 10th.

2. 32

3. Brad Hennessey

4. Bengie Molina and Ray Durham (8)

5. Randy Winn (13)

6. Matt Morris

7. Six

8. Barry Zito (15.1, April 8-27)

9. Armando Benitez (7.2, April 18 – May 4)

10. Steve Kline (8 of 9)

Bonus Question: the offspring of a wild-eyed religious fanatic and a wooden marionette that was carved by moonlight in the form of a half-spider, half-man.