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The Zito-Worry-O-Meter

From one to ten:


2 - Bah. Dude's an great pitcher. He'll come through. Even Johan Santana has a bad start every now and again.

3 - You know what you're getting with Zito. He starts slow, but finishes strong. I'm not worried at all.

4 - I expected a little more, sure. Still, he's been a pretty good pitcher for a long time. It's a little early to be worried.

5 - Okay, I'm a little worried. He's a good pitcher, and even though I'm not crazy about the contract, I still think he'll do well this season.

6 - Ehhrr. I'm starting to get pretty nervous. There were signs of decline, sure, but I didn't think it would be this season. It could turn around, though. I guess.

7 - I had no idea his control was this spotty. I knew he didn't like to bite off a ton of the strike zone, but I thought that was by choice. If his control doesn't get better, it's not going to turn around. And they don't make a designer drug that magically gives you better control. Believe me, I've looked.

8 - He was an average pitcher to begin with. I give him about two seasons before his hitting grades out higher than his fastball. I would trade him for Tom Gorzelanny and send $115M back to Pittsburgh with Zito..

9 - Seven years. We have this clown for seven years. Even though he's been an above-average pitcher for his entire career, he's past the point of no return. Worst signing ever. At least Driefort had the decency to get injured so he wasn't actively stinking up the joint.

10 - (Turns off lights) (lights candles) (looks into mirror) (takes deep breath) Kirk Rueter, Kirk Rueter, Kirk Rueter! (Kirk Rueter appears and kills family) (I'm not sure what that means, but it seemed appropriate for a #10 on a Zito Worry-O-Meter)

Put me down for a firm #5.