FanPost Draft Preview (First 10 Picks) has a piece today predicting the top 10 picks.

  1.  Tampa:  David Price, LHP, Vanderbilt
  2.  Kansas City:  Rick Porcello, RHP, Seton Hall Prep (NJ)
  3.  Chicago Cubs:  Josh Vitters, 3B, Cypress HS (CA)
  4.  Pittsburgh:  Daniel Moskos, LHP, Clemson
  5.  Baltimore:  Ross Detwiler, LHP, Missouri State
  6.  Washington:  Phillipe Aumont, RHP, Ecole du Versant Gatineau (Quebec) (hey, he would be great on the Expos... oh wait..)
  7.  Milwaukee:  Jarrod Parker, RHP, Norwell HS (IN)
  8.  Colorado:  Matt Dominguez, 3B, Chatsworth HS (CA)
  9.  Arizona:  Mike Moustakas, SS/3B, Chatsworth HS (CA) (what is going on at Chatworth High?)
  10. San Francisco:  Andrew Brackman, RHP, NC State
The player name links are to draft reports for each of these players.

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