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Open Gameday Thread, 5/1

Pre-game comment starter:

Rank the relievers in order of your confidence in them, from most trustworthy to least.


Before the season started, Chulk might have been at the top of the list. Benitez would have ranked somewhere below a converted Lance Niekro, if only because I can really get excited about a knuckleballing setup man.

In Fresno, there are several relievers doing well. Pat Misch is breathing down Taschner's neck, as he's doing exceptionally well after being thrown into a relief role. Billy Sadler has been nasty, striking out 17 in 11.2 innings. Also, he has a hard time throwing strikes, so he'd fit right in.

Munter is doing just fine in that Munter kind of way. Dan Giese might slot in above Benitez if he were given the chance. I looooooved Giese's curve in March, and he's doing well in Fresno. There's a part of me that knows his 89 MPH fastball is just too fringy to trust in the majors, though.

Last season, Brian Wilson was getting outs, outs, outs, but someone took his strike zone away. That's one of the bigger disappointments of the season so far.