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Open Gameday Thread, 4/28

Through the magic of ridiculously generous family, I was able to attend the Warriors game last night. I was at the Young-to-Owens game and I was at the Snow/Benitez game, and those are the craziest moments I've ever seen live, but I've never seen a crowd as nutty from start to finish as the one last night. Goofiness.

After the game, I came home on a post-thrilling-game high. Also, I had heartburn from the raccoon-meat hot dogs they sell at The Oracle. No sleep for me. Luckily, ESPN started replaying the Warriors game on HD at midnight, and I was in HD goodness for the whole game. You could watch my reaction to every Warrior make or miss in the first half and every Maverick make or miss in the second half, and I ended up learning a lot. A ton, actually. Life-changing stuff. For example:

I'm a total spaz. Like, total spaz. Especially when watching a sporting event like a playoff game.

The Giants try and show their Cain-do spirit and break the crushing losing streak of one.