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Open Gameday Thread, 4/27

After the second inning of yesterday's game, I had today's post all worked up in my head:


By Grant
Posted on Fri Apr 27, 2007 at 01:27:10 PM PDT

Oh. That Russ Ortiz.

That would have been the post. It would have been a protest of disgust. Finally, the other shoe dropped, and the Giants' gamble on Russ Ortiz was thrown back in their face. Right now, Ortiz is wearing a trenchcoat, sitting in a dark movie theater, and allowing more baserunners. That's how he gets his sick thrills. His awful pitching ruined the winning streak, and....

Oh. So, that's what it feels like to root for a team that catches all the breaks? I could get used to it. Groundballs found holes. Baserunners were allowed by the bushel, only to be stranded or erased on double plays. Every horrible pitch from Benitez went out of the zone; every good pitch was put in the right spot.

Now it's time to fess up. I received an e-mail from Peter (beanpj to us McC folk) at Burnt Orange Nation that expressed his reluctance to change his underwear during the winning streak. I usually wouldn't post something so private, but, well, you know. I'm not shaving because I have magic win-streak stubble. There is definitely no fronting on magic win-streak stubble.

Open pre-game superstition thread.