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Not-so-quick Question....

Before this series, the Giants had a 12-game losing streak against the Dodgers. Twelve games. Six of the games were a one-run loss. Two were two-run losses, and two were three-run losses. In all but two games, the Giants had some sort of hope. It might have been a fleeting hope - down by three, with Finley, Feliz, and Eliezer coming up to face Saito is a funny definition of "hope" - but that's a losing streak filled with slow, painful deaths.

Everyone reading this should be nauseous. I don't mean to harsh anyone's mellow, man, but this is why losing tonight still isn't acceptable. Even after a seven-game winning streak, and even after a series win is guaranteed, the Giants need to win tonight. And then they should sweep the next three series against Dodgers. Also, they should never lose again to the Dodgers again.

Seven games in a row. Wow. Today, my thoughts are on the new Russ Ortiz and everyone's favorite "Before" picture, Brad Penny. Penny hasn't given up a ton of runs, but he has been allowing a fair number of runners without striking people out. Is he a mirage, or does the small K/BB sample not reflect how well he's pitching? Will Ortiz keep his fine pitching up? And is Randy Winn going to start hitting? He'd better, as Todd Linden isn't looking like a viable alternative. And is Brad Hennessey the setup man now? Didn't see that coming. And how many saves in a row does Armando need before his first blown save doesn't induce a riot? And what's the deal with the roster made up of 17 first basemen?

That's the kind of Giants stuff that's occupying my brain - little niggling questions in the back of my mind. In the front of my mind, I'm elated at the winning streak and the sudden turnaround. At no point through the winning streak, however, have I remembered to care about Bonds coming closer to the all-time home run record.

Am I the only one? When Bonds hits a home run, I get excited only within the context of that particular game. I don't consciously dismiss the Aaron chase; I just don't think about it. I'm not about to do some Jungian deconstruction on the reasons for the apathy - the reasons are many; the reasons are few - but I have to know if I'm the only one.