Bochy gets it!

According to Henry Schulman of the Chronicle, Bruce Bochy has seen the light -- Pedro Feliz is not good:

"Feliz's role: Manager Bruce Bochy did not start Pedro Feliz on Tuesday night, going instead with Ryan Klesko at first base and Rich Aurilia at third, and hinted that the struggling Feliz will lose some playing time that will go to Klesko.

"The players always dictate that," said Bochy, who discussed the situation with Feliz. "Ryan has had some good games and deserves more playing time. At some point, I'll have to rest some of the other guys, too. Petey's a guy who's flexible. I can move him to other positions. As we get deeper into this streak (of 20 games in 20 days), we'll move some other guys around."

In other words, Feliz could become more of a utility player, perhaps starting at first base when Ray Durham needs a day off and Aurilia moves to second."


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