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Open Gameday Thread, 4/19

Due to a territorial greyhound, some dropped bacon, and several stitches on my wife's forehead, I was unable to watch the first ten innings of the game last night. Oh, how I wish that were one of my cute little attempts at humor, but no. In fact, I came up with a handy mathematical equation to represent it all:

So it wouldn't be prudent to pretend as if I had some wonderfully astute insight into the game. Looking at the play-by-play, it had to be a frustrating game at times, but a game that was worth the payoff. Giant pitchers walked Cardinal hitters at inappropriate times, the Official Scapegoat of McCovey Chronicles went out of his way to do some scaping, but Bonds can still excite us.

A gold star also goes to Jonathan Sanchez, who looked like a future bullpen star last night. Except for the walks, that is. Man, I hate how the Giants have about 11 pitchers who can't be trusted to throw strikes. That's nitpicking, though. Great game for Sanchez, and great game for the Giants.