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At least the closer is still perfect

Every loss has a handful of moments that can be described as poor luck. Remember the famous quote from Mel Ott: "Luck is the residue of design." It's too bad Ott said it in the presence of Branch Rickey, who was notorious for passing quotes off as his own, but it still rings true. The Giants didn't get a whole lot of help for the game, but it was their larger problems that put them there in the first place.

Small picture: Correia wasn't getting the wide strike zone that Fuentes was.

Big picture: The Giants don't have a reliever as good as Fuentes, and Fuentes isn't exactly vintage Nen.

Small picture: Linden let a ball clang off his glove that he probably would have caught 80% of the time.

Big picture: The Giants can't throw strikes when they need to, and that's where the baserunners came from in the first place.

Small picture: The Giants can't score runs. That seems like a "big picture" thing, but that's reserved for....

Big picture: The Giants might not be able to score runs for about six years.

Small picture: The Giants are getting some great starting pitching.

Big picture: That was widely accepted as the only way the Giants could be good, and the team still stinks.

There were two bright points last night: Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum. They both pitched well in their respective games, and both had wins coughed up by a bullpen. That'd be sad if it weren't so funny. The whole season would be sad if it weren't so funny. Funny like a clown falling down an elevator shaft. Which is also sad. But still funny. Except you were pretty good friends with the clown, so it's really sad. But about two years later, you start giggling about it in the middle of the night. Then you feel guilty. Kind of.

Go Warriors.