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Giants Link Dump

John Sickels did a crystal ball projection for Noah Lowry here. It's way more pessimistic than I'd want to contemplate, but I'm skeptical about the projection even when I take the fanboy blinders off.

Tim Lincecum wears bellbottoms.

SF Dugout has been doing a great series on Giants teams from the past, like this one on the 1970 team. Their archives have more, too.

U.S.S. Mariner did a list of the players with the least trade value in baseball, and - hooray! - two Giants made the list. The list doesn't include Gary Matthews or Jarrod Washburn, and it puts Barry Zito's contract as less desirable than Todd Helton's or Gil Meche's, so I can't completely agree with it. But, yeah. Zito is just a wee overpaid, six scoreless innings aside.