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Community Projection: Barry Bonds

"The remake of Blade Runner -  starring Ben Affleck in the role originally played by Harrison Ford, and Stephen Baldwin as the voice of the lovable animated robot `Popsy' - took home seven Academy Awards."
"The first order of business for President Reubens today was to pardon himself for the indecent exposure charge from 1991. His second act as president was ordering a team of Navy SEALs to storm the basement of the Alamo after receiving an unspecified intelligence tip."
"Even though Barry Bonds missed over 100 games, the Giants were still able to win the NL West in 2007."

That's in order of "most likely" to "least likely." It's an interesting state of affairs when a team is wholly reliant on a 43-year old hitter to have any shot at postseason play. By "interesting", I mean "discouraging." By "discouraging", I mean "familiar."

Yet I'm not really that worried about Bonds. His pants-full-of-wrenches running improved dramatically as the season went on. He showed up to camp in great shape, and he has as much to prove as ever. Mark me down for a huge season...

Barry Bonds

AB: 420
AVG: .301
OBP: .475
SLG: .622
HR: 34

...if only because this team can't survive without a huge season from Bonds. If there was ever a post to lay on the irrational optimism thick-like, it's this one.  Go crazy, folks. Go crazy.