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Fifth Starter Power Rankings

Fifth-starter Power Rankings, Week Two:

  1. Russ Ortiz

    Key Quote:

    "He looked great - throwing 92-94 (mph fastball) with cut." - Chad Tracy on Russ Ortiz
  2. Jonathan Sanchez

    Key Quote:

    "Hoarrraaaaaak. Harrrrallllppppppppffffftttttt. Uuugh." - Jonathan Sanchez with the flu
  3. Tim Lincecum

    Key Quote:

    "Hoarraaakk. Murrrrrfppppaalllaaakurf. Flaarrrrrrrrnnfnnnn. Ugh." - Tim Lincecum, also with the flu

Okay, maybe it's a little early to do another one of these. I'm not sure if Sanchez actually has the flu, but I know Lincecum does. They say he vomits just like Bob Feller.

After waiting months for exhibition games to start, we're stuck following games that are impossible to care about. If the statistics don't mean anything, the wins don't mean anything, and the losses don't mean anything, what's the point? There isn't a point...unless you're in Scottsdale, sitting in the shade, drinking something tasty, and actually watching players live. It might not be as fun as sitting inside an office on a beautiful day, but it's a start.

So this is an open thread to brag about springs past and present. Are you going to Scottsdale this year? Have you been before? Did you come home thinking Random Player was a star in the making, only to have Random Player eventually turn out to be Gino Minutelli? Did you understand what in the heck the big deal was with The Pink Pony?

I've been twice, but haven't been since 2001. Sweet hoppin' Hosey, I need to go again.