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All things being equal:

Padres: 90-72
Dodgers: 89-73
Diamondbacks: 87-75
Giants: 79-83
Rockies: 79-83

Pick five of ten...

  1. Ray Durham repeats his '06 season.
  2. Barry Bonds plays more than 115 games with an OBP over .475.
  3. Barry Zito befuddles the NL in his first tour and gets a few Cy Young votes.
  4. Tim Lincecum pitches over 100 innings in the majors with an ERA under 3.50.
  5. Rich Aurilia and Ryan Klesko combine to give the Giants .280/.360/.490 production from first base.
  6. Pedro Feliz has an OBP of .300 or over, and his SLG is over .500.
  7. Armando Benitez converts saves at his career rate of 89%.
  8. Matt Cain has an entire season as good as his second half in '06.
  9. Two of the young bullpen arms post ERAs under 3.50, and strike out enough hitters to make you believe it's real.
  10. Noah Lowry gets his change and curve working at the same time and pairs them with improved command. get this:

Giants: 93-69
Padres: 90-72
Diamondbacks: 86-76
Dodgers: 83-79
Rockies: 80-82

The Dodgers drop so far in the revised predictions because I wanted them to.

Five of ten: too many? Too few? Missing some major points?

Your season predictions, if you would....