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The New Phone Books Are Here!

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The new Baseball Prospectus is here! The new Baseball Prospectus is here! Like 'em or lump 'em, BP have always entertained. My list of most interesting PECOTA comparisons from the book:

Eliezer Alfonzo - Brian Johnson
Ray Durham - Bill Mueller
Pedro Feliz - Charlie Hayes
Randy Winn - Stan Javier
Armando Benitez - Dick Tidrow
Vinny Chulk - Jeff Brantley
Kevin Correia - Mark Grant
Brad Hennessey - Dick Pole
Steve Kline - Dave Righetti
Nick Pereira - Vinny Chulk
Jason Schmidt - Dave Burba
Jack Taschner - Alan Embree
Rich Aurilia - Brooks Robinson
Dave Roberts - Lou Brock

The Randy Winn one seems so obvious now. I can't believe that never crossed my mind.