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The Eternal Question

You can list the five biggest concerns for the Giants going into the regular season and not mention Russ Ortiz or Armando Benitez.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

I'm torn. Ortiz didn't just win the rotation slot by default; he really did have a Brazeltonian spring, which really doesn't mean much. Dewon Brazelton had a Brazeltonian spring last season -- what are the odds? -- and won a spot with the Padres. He was awful. But that doesn't mean Ortiz will be. So, again, I'm torn.

Fifth starters shouldn't really be the biggest worry to begin with, as the Padres won the division despite the early struggles at the back of their rotation, but fifth starters can be a worry when the player in question has been the worst pitcher in baseball over the past two seasons. Ortiz sounded like he was the pitcher he was with the Braves, and that's a valuable guy to have.

Benitez didn't just hold his closer role by default; the rest of the bullpen sucked eggs like they were, uh, back alley ostrich abortionists? Wait, no, that isn't funny. The bullpen didn't have a good spring. Let's just leave it at that. This has the potential to be a legendarily bad bullpen. Bullpens are volatile, and this accumulation of youngish arms might surprise, but has a very real chance to be the worst bullpen in a decade. A healthy Benitez, even without the stuff he used to have, isn't automatically the problem when described in those terms.

I don't know. The comment starter was given away in the beginning. Benitez and Ortiz are the least of the Giants' worries. Is that a good sign or a bad sign?