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Community Projection: Drinking and Predicting

Reactions to my 27-part series of community projections have been all over the map. I've seen reactions ranging from indifference to apathy, so there's no stopping now. Instead of doing a straight Todd Linden projection, though, it would make sense for this thread to be a catch-all for the wacky hunches you're harboring, good or bad. Do you secretly think Barry Zito is going to crack a 3.00 ERA? Bonds will be healthy, but still won't break the record? Pedro Feliz: .280 hitter with 30 homers?

Because I put forth my Todd Linden resolution thusly:

WHEREAS, I think either Randy Winn or Dave Roberts will miss substantial time this season due to injury or ineffectiveness.

WHEREAS, I can't shut up about Linden's '05 season in AAA, even though it's about as relative to 2007 as Mike Benjamin recording 14 hits over a period of three games in 1995.

WHEREAS, even though spring stats are useless, Todd Linden has been a mini-Mantle in the spring.

WHEREAS, I just have a feeling. Much like my feeling that Matt Morris was going to be worth the money last season.

WHEREAS, I'll bet you didn't know Mike Benjamin had a recording career, nor that he played the dobro on many of those 14 hits.

RESOLVED, here's the official McCrazy Prediction of the offseason:

Todd Linden

AB: 433
HR: 27
AVG: .271
OBP: .358
SLG: .541

And he's the starting right fielder, no questions asked, in 2008.

You don't have to guess at Linden, but this would be the place to put your sub-2.00 ERA projection for Matt Cain or Mendoza line projection for Omar Vizquel. What's the one hunch that has its hunch talons dug deep into your brain? Let it all hang out, and don't be mindful of looking like an idiot in October. Trust me, you get over it.