Marlins Still Want Benitez?

From the Sun-Sentinal this a.m. comes speculation that the Marlins
may still want Benitez back.  It's a topic we'd all discussed back in January.

It's all speculation, mind you, fueled by the presence of two Marlins scouts at Benitez's last appearance.

If the Marlins are still willing to send Yusemeiro Petit over here for Benitez, and eat some of his salary ... can you say hook, line, and sinker?  That's a no-brainer positive win-win glass-half-full and any other cliches you want to throw in there.

BruteSentiment had noted reservations about Petit's role, given the Giants have pretty much filled up the rotation, if you include a place-saver for Lincecum (and that's before Russ Ortiz showed up).  So be it; Petit could be trade bait, then, or maybe Ortiz could be, if he turns in a good first half.

Maybe I'm just blinded by my raging need to see Benitez go away, but the chance to unload him and get anything back seems too good to pass up.  I don't know if a better offer than this will come around.  One hopes Brian Sabean is doing everything he can to keep the Marlins, uh, on the hook.  Did I really just use the same awful pun twice?

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